(A) Platform is a software and hardware complex intended for interactive interaction of Customers and Rightholder for the purposes defined by this Offer. The platform consists of the client and server parts, access to the client part of which is provided through (hereinafter referred to as the "Site");
(B) Access to the Personal Cabinet is carried out by means of unique identification data that includes a login corresponding to the User's email address and password.They originally generated by the Rightholder and available for further modification by the User at their own discretion;
(C) Rightholder is a person who provides technical support for the functioning of the Platform;
(D) Visitor is a user who accesses the Site through the Internet;
(E) The User is jointly the Customer and the Consultant;
(F) Consultant is an individual registered on the Site in order to provide customers with consulting and (or) tutoring services in the field of education, science, business;
(G) Customer is an individual who has registered on the Site in order to receive advice on a particular issue in the field of education, science, business;
(H) Order is an assignment for the provision of services, containing all the essential conditions for the provision of services;
(I) Service Contract is a contract for the provision of consulting services in accordance with the assigned task, concluded between the Rightholder and the Customer.

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1.1. In accordance with the procedure and terms set forth in this Offer, the Rightholder grants Users the right to use the Platform and provides consulting services.
1.2. The rights to use the Platform are granted, and the conclusion of the Service Agreement is only possible and only on the terms and conditions set forth in this Offer and subject to its full and unconditional acceptance by the Visitor. Partial or incomplete acceptance of the conditions of the Offer is not allowed.
1.3. Full and unconditional acceptance (acceptance) of the conditions of this Offer is the registration of the Visitor on the Site.
1.4. The visitor undertakes to get acquainted with the full text of the Offer before accepting the terms of this Offer and to make sure that all provisions of the Offer are clear.
1.5. Policy of the Platform in relation to the purposes and tasks of using the Platform. The User and the Visitor hereby acknowledge and agree that the Platform is created and operates solely to assist Users engaged in consulting in the field of training and (or) business, as well as Users interested in consulting support for training and (or) business, development. The company provides possibility to increase of knowledge and skills in a certain sphere, audit (audit) or advice regarding completed and (or) forthcoming works.

The platform has the right to place materials openly accessible, making them available to all Users. Users have the right within the limits established by this Offer to use such materials as samples, a source of information, a source of borrowings within the limits allowed by the legislation and the tasks available to the User.
The User hereby confirms that he will not use the materials, any other results of the rendered services, for the purpose of appropriating his authorship, and will not give them out for his own work and the results of his own creative activity.


2.1. Commitment by the User of the actions specified in clause 1.3 is recognized as a complete and unconditional acceptance of the terms of this Offer, and will pursue the conclusion between the User and the Rightholder of the License Agreement in a simple (written) form.
2.2. Exclusive rights to the Platform as a whole, and to all its elements, including the content of the Site, belong to the Copyright Holder. The Rightholder grants the User the right to use the Platform.
2.3. The User hereby acknowledges and agrees that the Platform is provided "as is" and the Rightholder is not obliged to provide corrections, additions, new versions of the Platform to the User. The platform as any software is not free from program errors, failures. The Rightholder shall not be liable for any errors, failures, violations in the work of the Platform, as well as for possible losses of the User.
2.4. The User is obliged to observe copyrights, as well as other personal property and personal non-property rights of third parties.