How to create a bibliography

The bibliography is an integral part of any paper: a doctoral dissertation or a student course paper. We provide bibliography assignment writing service. How correctly to make the bibliographic list  that your work has been recognized competent in every respect?

  • According to the requirements of bibliography, there are several methods for constructing a bibliographic list: alphabetic, chronological, systematic and others.
    In the alphabetical list, the names of authors and the titles of publications are in strict alphabetical order (sources in a foreign language are listed after the list of all publications in the language of the work).
  • In the chronological list sources are arranged according to the years of publications. The systematic way of constructing the list assumes the enumeration of literature on the branches of knowledge, important manuscript problems, thematic headings, etc. It is recommended to combine general sources into a separate section.
  • An alphabetical bibliographic list is the simplest and most widespread way of systematization. Descriptions are in the strict alphabet of authors and titles. Editions in foreign languages are placed at the end of the list in alphabetical order. Such a list is most often used with a small number of documents.

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